Impressions of “Speakers”

"Speakers" Oil on paper. 36cm x 46cm. May 2016.
“Speakers” Oil on paper. 36cm x 46cm. May 2016.

Some thoughts on “Speakers” by Dave Wardell.

Seeing this painting filled me with a sense of nostalgia for my parents and grandparents’ houses in the late sixties when style was based on simple lines, primary colours and “organic” angular shapes such as those found on tea services like Woolworth’s “Homemaker”, Hornsea’s “Bronte” and Broadhurst’s “Compass” and Britamic’s “Mexico” both designed by Kathy Winkle. There was also a style of coat hook that was “W” shaped and had 5 hangers each with a bright coloured ball to hang a coat on and every home seemed to have one.


Kathy Winkle:

Coat hooks: sixties-coat-hook