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Safespaces Voyager

‘The Voyager provides a temporary sleeping area for holidays or stays in respite alongside our main product the Safespace.’
“We were completely new to making a film. Our products are quite difficult to understand and therefore market. Clare took us through the whole process, showing a quick understanding of our products, sensitivity to our customers, and skills and vision interpreting and presenting it all as a film. The films (seven so far) have been invaluable in giving customers the opportunity to see and understand our products and are one of our best marketing strategies ever, viewed by thousands on our website. Clare delivered precise and clear communication and she is currently making more films about our other products.” Jill Morony -Managing Director, Safespaces

Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade

“Clare has a fantastic eye and sixth sense of where the action is about to take place. With a one-time event like ours, with just one camera and her trainers, year after year, she’s able to catch the spirit and energy of our annual community dance down the street.” Andrew Kim, Artistic Director of the Hebden Bridge Handmade Parade

Blenheim Palace:

Made with residents and ex-residents of The Blenheim Project, a hostel for homeless women and children.
“Clare was very understanding of the issues portrayed in the film and of the client group. We are very proud of the film and its success would not have been possible without Clare’s patience, commitment and professionalism.
“The story is one of hope and highlights some of the work we do. We feel it is very important to spread the message to other women out there that there is hope for their futures should they become homeless for whatever reason. The film has also helped the Project make the public at large more aware of how important services like ours are and help break stereotypes and stigma about homelessness.” Project Manager Isis Carrasco

Volunteering for DASH

One of several films made for DASH, it gives an insight into the important role volunteers have on DASH schemes and activities for disabled children. It has been used by DASH for publicity and recruitment purposes.

Read the Testimonial by DASH Projects Manager Rachel Stelmach
DASH Volunteering Film
We commissioned Clare to create a series of films about each of our leisure schemes for disabled children and young people and also a film aimed at Parents and another for volunteers and staff. It was a complicated project with many filming locations and each film had to be created in English, with Welsh subtitling and with BSL inserts. Not only that but we then created new schemes and needed more films made. Clare was excellent throughout the process; she needs little direction and seems to instinctively know what to film and who to talk to. Clare really demonstrated her superb (and amazing value for money) skills in the editing process. We needed the films to be short and to the point, to get across what our schemes are all about in a way that is accessible to all, and she did this very well indeed.
The Volunteering film in particular has had a lot of views, both on our website and shown by our Volunteers Co-ordinator in order to recruit volunteers and then the other films are often used in the induction process. We have certainly been very pleased with whole thing.
Rachel Stelmach – DASH Projects Manager