Exhibition at the House des Lowes – last weekend coming up!

Exhibition at the House des Lowes – last weekend coming up!

New work in House des Lowes 14th Sept – 3rd October 2019

The Todmorden Pop Up Open Studios weekend (14th/15th September 2019) went down well with lots of visitors calling in to the House des Lowes. Thank you for your comments.

The exhibition this year is inspired by my relationship to the landscape with each painting telling a story about a particular place.

For example ‘Source of Redwater’ is about the stream that runs past the bottom of my garden. It once powered a water wheel and its flow was carefully managed by a system of weirs. It runs into the Calder River which flows parallel to the Burnley road into Todmorden. The source of Redwater is a little pool on the moor top, now surrounded by eight wind turbines.

Finding this spot (still tranquil despite the creaking turbines in the sky), is only possible if you follow the stream up, up, onto the moor, winding through the scratchy himmocks* and soggy dips, sometimes disappearing, you or it? And lost but found again, it will lead you all the way there.

*small moorland hill

‘Source of Redwater’

The House des Lowes is on the Rochdale Road in Todmorden opposite the Golden Lion. Opening times: 5 to late Tuesday to Friday and 12 to late weekends. It’s a great venue with a welcoming atmosphere and they make fantastic coffee! If you would like to order a print of any of the works please speak to someone at the bar.

Cupola Christmas Exhibition

Cupola Christmas Exhibition

Unique Beauty 25th November – 6th January

“Inspecting the Hydrogen Bomb”


“Yellow Song”

“Inspecting the Hydrogen Bomb”, “Arrival” and “Yellow Song” are on show at Cupola Gallery in Sheffield as part of Unique Beauty, a selected group exhibition celebrating the unique and idiosyncratic.

Cupola Contemporary Art

178 – 178a Middlewood Road, Sheffield S6 1TD


Open 10 – 6 Monday – Saturday

Impressions of “Speakers”

"Speakers" Oil on paper. 36cm x 46cm. May 2016.
“Speakers” Oil on paper. 36cm x 46cm. May 2016.

Some thoughts on “Speakers” by Dave Wardell.

Seeing this painting filled me with a sense of nostalgia for my parents and grandparents’ houses in the late sixties when style was based on simple lines, primary colours and “organic” angular shapes such as those found on tea services like Woolworth’s “Homemaker”, Hornsea’s “Bronte” and Broadhurst’s “Compass” and Britamic’s “Mexico” both designed by Kathy Winkle. There was also a style of coat hook that was “W” shaped and had 5 hangers each with a bright coloured ball to hang a coat on and every home seemed to have one.

Homemaker: http://collections.vam.ac.uk/item/022723/home-maker-plate-arnold-tom/

Kathy Winkle: https://uk.pinterest.com/veritywinkle/aunty-kath-aka-kathie-winkle/

Coat hooks: sixties-coat-hook

Todmorden Open Studios 2016 9th, 10th, 11th September 11am -5pm

I look forward to meeting you at my studio this weekend at Frostholme Mill, home to http://www.nathanfurniture.co.uk

Nathan Furniture, Frostholme Mill, Burnley Road, Todmorden OL14 7ED.

I’m about 3 miles outside Todmorden in the direction of Burnley, opposite the Waggon and Horses pub. I’m on the third floor and a lift is available.

Call 07817 976 683 to be taken through the building to the studio.

Frostholme Mill

My studio
Work in progress.
The mill on Burnley Road was originally a cotton mill built in 1861 with subsequent extensions. Now occupied by furniture manufacturers.
The mill on Burnley Road was originally a cotton mill built in 1861 with subsequent extensions. Now occupied by furniture manufacturers.
A view of the back of the mill.

Above and Beneath exhibition

Creative with Nature gallery and open studio.
"Strength" Oil on paper. 36cm x 46cm May 2016 SOLD
“Strength” Oil on paper. 36cm x 46cm May 2016 SOLD

Above and Beneath is an exhibiton of abstract paintings exploring new and unknown places.

8th July to 24th August 2016.

Creative with Nature studio, 17 Burnley Road, Todmorden OL14 7BU.

Opening times: Weds to Sat 10am – 5pm and Sunday 12 – 4pm.

Access: Ground floor venue, no steps, seating available.


“Sensors” (Detail)

This painting started out as a sharp acid yellow blending into green. The idea was to have yellow underneath, to scrape back into. Next I painted the white shapes making these vaguely oblong with a dark dot at the base. These shapes became sensors and each sensor is held in it’s own bucket of duck-egg blue that has become liquid and trickles down over the grey. The yellow colour pulled in the blue shade of the dot and I was pleased with the way the colours could be side by side, self-contained and yet complimenting each other.

Comments from Above and Beneath exhibition:

“This one is my very fave. I want to live here and not have any troubles.”

"Sensors" comments
Comments written during the Above and Beneath exhibition.



Oil on paper 46cm x 36cm
“Arrival” Oil on paper 46cm x 36cm

“Arrival” took a long time to finish. It began with some large brush strokes made with a surge of energy. I wanted vigour and mess and something untamed and free. Soon after came the single watery fluorescent yellow marks applied over the top of some previous marks. I liked these and they survived the obliteration of several subsequent layers. I finally arrived at the layer of creamy white, through which can be seen hazy shapes. These seem to be not yet formed but gathering themselves together as possibilities.